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Welcome to the University of Leeds and to the Flying Start website. The aim of this site is to provide information to help you make the move from studying at school or college to studying at university.

As you will discover it is quite different, but with help from your lecturers and tutors you will quickly adapt and learn how to study effectively and independently in the university environment.

Take your time over the next few weeks to work through the sections in this site. You will find information that is relevant to all students in the top half with information specific to your school, department or subject area below.

Video transcript

Andy – Hi, congratulations on getting your grades - in just a few weeks you’ll be joining us here at the best Uni in the country. I’m Andy and this is Chris and Zarah - we’ve been asked to share our experiences, to help you get the most out of studying here at Leeds.

Chris - We’ve decided that the best way to do this is to show you the differences between studying at school or college and at university. We also want you to see how important it is to have other skills apart from those you’ll learn on your course.

Zarah – I guess like us you’re coming to Leeds because you want to get a good degree and a good job. As we’ve already found out both these things start right at the beginning and not in the third year.

Andy – And it’s not just about doing well academically it’s also important to have a good time. Play hard and work hard.

Zarah – And it starts today!

Chris – This site has loads of information – if you want, you can look at it all today but we think you’ll get more out of it if you spread it out and spend the next few weeks working through it. It’s up to you of course!

Zarah – Each section is set out in the same way – in the top half of each page you’ll find a message from us and information that is relevant to all students. In the bottom half you’ll find information from your school or department.

Andy - And just one more thing, the Uni is full of different words and names for things so we’ve made a glossary to help you. OK, enough for now; see you soon. [Leans to turn off camera]

Welcome to the School of Music

Dr Alinka Greasley, Lecturer in Music Psychology and Admissions Tutor, welcomes you to the School of Music at Leeds.

Charlie HeslopCharlie Heslop, a recent graduate from the School of Music, welcomes you.

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